International Student Survey

A project to collect real students data from schools around the world for use in the study of Handling Data!Survey can be done in 30 minutes - thats all it takesGet your school and your students involved in a flash and benefit from a rich and varied set of current, real data of which you are a part!Its FREE and EASY!
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Our aims in putting this together are to use the power of technology to bring together teachers and students from all over the world in a simple project to help engage students in the study of statistics. We hope to encourage collaboration between teachers in doing so!

How to Get involved

Its Simple! Book a computer room for your classes of 11 - 14 year olds and bring some equipment to measure with. Ask them to the 'Survey_2011' page. That will take them to an embedded google form in which they will be asked a number of questions about themselves (teachers feel free to check in advance, all responses are anonymous). Some of the questions will involve taking measurements! They should click submit (only once please) when they are sure they are finished.

Join this wiki! - We would love you to 'Join this Wiki' by clicking on the button above and take part in building this collaborative project by adding your thoughts, ideas and experiences.

The Survey

Our view is that this survey can be done year after year and that it should evolve with the times. As a result we have created the 'Survey_2011' page. If you join the wikispace then you can leave us comments on the discussion tab of that page to make suggestions for next years survey. More guidelines on this are given on the page itself.

The Results

Published results - We will export results for survey 2011 at the end of February 2011 and publish them on the results page of this site and then again later in the year.
Get them Live - Please e-mail. , or with a request to access the spreadsheet and you will be able to watch entries as they come in and export them as and when you want.

The Activities

We will publish the activities we use with our students through this activities page and encourage other teachers to do the same! that way we could build up a lovely bank of activities relevant to this survey! The discussion tab on that page will allow us to share our thoughts and experiences on those activities as well. Again, more instructions are given on the activities page

Who is involved?

We thought it would nice to if teachers involved shared a little with us about who they are and where they work etc on the Whos_Who? page. We have started the ball rolling!

Contact us

Please contact us , or if you have any questions about this you would like to ask before you get stuck in!