Look here for ideas about what to do with your classes and the results of the surveyMarch 2011: Abbotsleigh, American School of Bilbao, Foxford, International School of Basel, International School of Toulouse, New Cairo British International School

Dual Barcharts:

Comparing the first language of schools in different geographical locations - is the first language of students related to the schools country of residence?

Scatter Graphs:

How do you know whether or not you have similar music tastes to your partner? Listen to the music your teacher plays to you and rank them in order of preference, then use some mathematics to see how closely your music preferences match those of your classmate: .
Continuing this investigation into measuring relationships (aka "correlation"), do you think that the length of someones armspan is in some way related to their height? If so, in what way and why?
What about reaction times and armspan? Can you think of any reasons why these might be related, or not? Use the data from the schools above to put your theories to the test! March 2011 "cleaned" (outliers removed etc.) arm span and reaction time data ready for this activity:

Previous activities

Here are some examples of activities that we've used before with this survey