Get Involved

Here is a list of simple ways you can be involved in this project.

Get a class to take the survey - 30 minutes

Simply book a computer room, direct your students to the Survey_2011 page, and get them to to take the survey. Wait until the results are published on this site or contact us sooner to get earlier access.

Join this wiki

Click the 'Join this Wiki' button at the top of the page and become a member of the wikispace which costs you nothing and allows you to edit some pages of the site and contribute to discussions and ideas. Takes a couple of minutes! then...

Tell us who you are

Visit the Whos_who? page and add your details! It would be great to know a little about the people taking part in the project.

Contribute to activities

Go to the Activities page and tell us about what you did with the data. Add your own activities for everyone to see or add a thread on the discussion tab to talk about the other activities.

Contribute to a discussion about teaching statistics

Its ambitious we know, but it would be great to think we could start a good debate about teaching statistics on the Teaching Statistics page. Add an idea or contribute to/add a thread on the discussion tab.

Help us develop the survey
Go to the Survey_2011 page and use the discussion tab to add some thoughts about the survey. there must be hundreds of ways to do this, each with their own pros and cons, but it would be great to collect ideas on how this could develop for next year and so on!

Watch the results come in!

Share the google spreadsheet
Contact any of us, and request to share the spreadsheet with the results. Watch the results come in live and export whats there at any point for use in this classroom. This is fantastically easy and its wonderful to see results come in in real time!