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Jim Noble - International School of Toulouse

Hi, I am curriculum leader for Secondary Maths here in Toulouse and particularly excited by the collaborative potential of such experiments. I love it when you have an idea for a lesson that you are really looking forward to teaching!I am part of the team of three here creating this project. Please contact me with any enquiries about the project.
noble_j@intst.net www.intst.eu

Oliver Bowles - International School of Toulouse

I work with Jim and Richard here at the International School of Toulouse. I'm particularly looking forward to sharing ideas and materials that we have used with this data with our classes. I'm hoping that some form of video conferencing may be possible (currently investigating the possibilities re: network administration considerations). As part of an international environment in Toulouse I have always found it very enrichening to see how other countries, schools, teachers communicate their mathematics and am looking forward to our classes exchanging, learning a lot from each other and having some fun via this project!
bowles_o@intst.net www.intst.eu

Richard Wade - International School of Toulouse

This was such a rewarding project when we did it a couple of years ago. The students found the comparisons with other international schools fascinating, surprising and even sometimes humorous. I am really looking forward to seeing what happens this time around. I think the questions in the survey are even better.

Alan Wrafter - American School of Bilbao (ASB)

Looking forward to the opportunity of collaborating across borders, and encouraging my students to take part in meaningful analysis with real data from other schools. Many thanks to the team at Toulouse for putting this together.

Name - International School of Basel (ISB)


Name - (ABB)